Modular Battery Energy Storage System. 

Final product specifications to be provided in 1Q 2024.

FlexCube™ is a new modular battery storage system enabling customers to stack together:

  • up to 16 liquid cooled energy storage module each with capacity of about 372KWh each and with ACDC inverters or DCDC controllers.
  • a control module of same dimensions with control and monitoring system with various switchgear options to connect to MV transformer.

FlexCube™ can be installed in any location using forklift and simple cabling. It can be used off-grid or connected to a utility operator grid with a choice or voltage and frequencies. 

The control module is available in multiple configurations for micro grid, hybrid solar plus energy storage, hybrid EV charging plus energy storage, or industrial off-grid applications.

Distributed Grid Solutions

The future of renewable energy is decentralized.

To accelerate the renewable energy transition, we provide decentralized micro and medium sized battery storage power solutions. This enables faster deployment, lower national infrastructure investments and better resiliency. Industrial, public services or residential facilities can have control of their power supply security and cooperate with the regional or national grid. Small and medium sized businesses can control their energy costs, secure their supply and protect themselves from costly power blackouts, while meeting their carbon footprint reduction goals or requirements.