About us

PANECO was founded in 1994 in Sweden and has operations in Europe and Asia. 

Solar and wind power are expected to create a demand for grid energy storage reaching 160GWh per year by 2030.

PANECO is ready to contribute to the renewable energy transition.

We develop, deliver and optionally operate energy storage and renewable energy power systems.

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Battery monitoring

Our battery monitoring systems are designed to optimize cells over their entire life.

Battery Energy Storage

Our BESS water cooling and stacking technologies provide the most compact and energy efficient solution today.

Control systems

Our control systems are flexible and upgradable to support any size and any future storage technology. We provide critical communications backup systems where needed.

Renewable Energy

We integrate turnkey solar or wind power generation with the most advanced hardware available.

Battery Recycling

We have a full life cycle solution to reuse and then recycle batteries from BESS.

New Energy Technologies

We invest in the next generation of clean, renewable energy production.

Corporate Milestones


Paneco Energy JSC is setup in Vietnam starting in 2024 to provide energy storage solutions in South Asia.


Paneco Green Energy Oy is setup in Finland to support local projects.


Paneco secures renewable energy partnerships for turnkey projects.


Paneco Energie SA opens a new R&D centre in France for renewable energy storage and generation.


BESS co-developed with Hong Kong partner starts shipping to EU and US.


Development of Battery Control and monitoring systems for grid storage.


Paneco Green Energy AB is established in Sweden.

Meet our team

Sean Tieu
Executive Group Chairman

Founder and Executive Group Chairman, Sean is the driving force behind PANECO. He had 20+ years of experience in international technology projects and a clear vision to build PANECO into a world class renewable energy group.

James Shi
Paneco Green Energy AB

James graduated in political sciences and loves taking on human challenges. With 20+ years of business experience in Sweden and China, he brings strong negotiating skills to manage partners in Asia and Europe. 

Herve Jegou
Paneco Energie

A graduate from the French Air Force Academy, Herve has 20+ years of experience with battery management systems, software engineering and product development.

Marko Liimatainen
Paneco Green Energy Oy

Marko brings a proven track record in global sales to consumers, corporates and institutions. Over decades in sales and marketing, he has accumulated a wealth of experience and understanding in relationship building and transaction closures across international borders.

Hieu Tieu
Paneco Energy JSC

Hieu is an electronics engineer with extensive Silicon Valley start-up experience and strong cross border technology project management background.

Interested in renewable energies.

Join us and make our world a cleaner place.